“Place of Birds and Flowers”

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SUCHITOTO “Place of Birds and Flowers” is an enchantig colonial town not far from the country Capital San Salvador, it is one of the most popular attractions, beautiful streets and it´s baroque church, also a center of arts and culture where you can find boutique hotels and restaurants.

Suchitoto seems timeless, cobbled streets, also was the heart of the indigo “añil” trade, offers many activities including a boat trip onto lake Suchitlan where over two hundreds bird species have been recorded.

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Suchitoto walking tour

Enjoy a tour of this beautiful village of pretty plazas and cobbled streets, one of the most atractive spots in El Salvador. Explore the town many art galleries, shops, boutique hotels, restaurants, parks, historical buildings. In the After noon take a boat trip in to watch many birds, including hawks in their natural hábitat.

Indigo workshop

Explore Indigo ancient history and culture, learn about the process of applying it to cotton garments from an experienced local instructor and enjoy a hands on experience and buy some indigo products from local artisans to take back home.

Pupusas Workshop

A very popular tour in Suchitoto. If you have been in el Salvador for more than a day, you must likely have tried the national dish. Pupusas are made of corn dough filled with beans, cheese and many choices of meats and vegetables. Learn how they are made as most of the ingredients can be found in many places around the world. Dont miss this experience and enjoy the savory national dish.

Lake Sulchitan Boat Trip

Lake Suchitlan is an astonishing artificial lake formed in 1976 as a result of the construction of an Hydroelectric power plant. Very close to the colorful town of Suchitoto. As part of the Rio Lempa, this lake is the hábitat for many bird species and a wide flora around the lake. Feel comfortable and enjoy this Boat trip surrounded by incredible natural views.

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Recommended Hotels

Los Almendros de San Lorenzo

At Fifty minutes from San Salvador, in the colonial and Magical town of Suchitoto, this very elegant boutique is located. The name was originated in the past as Suchitoto was known as “almond trees valley” where the first houses were built more than five hundred years ago. Placed in the historic center, this hotel was built two hundred years ago, with a detailed renovation in 2004, the owners were recognised by the Minister of Culture for their contribution and revalorization of the National Heritage. Behind the clasical colonial facade, an espectacular mural created by the local master Luis Lazo, a serenity eden it is discovered, gardens and fountains, Wood columns, exclusive decoration made and an elegant mix of modern art and antiques, give to this hotel a unique enchant of autenticity and good taste.

Casa 1800 Suchitoto

From a very nice terrace and with magnificent views of lake Suchitlan Casa1800 boutique hotel and restaurant offers a perfect encounter of history and nature. The guest can choose between three different rooms, and enjoy the nice restaurant located in a terrace wihich is open to the public, where local and international gastronomy is offered. This concept combines to perfection an encounter with the nature and preservation of the historical heritage of the área.