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A busy city , with a vibrant nightlife, with a recent economic growing, San Salvador offers a variety of interesting places to visit, and also an important and delicious gastronomic offer, from the world famous Pupusas that you can find almost in every city corner, corn thick tortillas filled with melted cheese, combined with many ingredients, from red beans and fried pork meat to gourmet choices of mushrooms or garlic and basil to a wide selection of tradition food and fresh seafood. At the Historic downtown, there is a combiation of interesting sites to visit, such as the National Palace, the french renassaince style National Theatre declared National monument, the Rosary Church with its unique arquitechtural design, the handcraft market where you can acquire beautiful arts  pieces from local artisans.

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We Provide Special Tours And Events Across San Salvador.

San Salvador City Tour y Museo de Antropologia

A museum full of pieces and stories that shows a collection which includes the exhibition of handicrafts thru the history, and promote the approach to the
salvadorean cultural identity.

Joya de Cerén

A very unique site in the mayan world, declared worldwide heritage for humanity by Unesco in 1993, represents the daily life of the mayas, where everything was abandoned due to a volcanic eruption, accidentally discovered in 1976, called the pompey of the americas.

Volcán de San Salvador

A tour not to be missed, just a few minutes from the city, a waking tour to a Sleeping yet active Volcano, with all its beauty surrounded by wild flora.

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Recommended Hotels


This hotel offers a novel stay in El Salvador with an ubeatable location in the country´s capital city. It is the best option for business Travel, due to its location in the heart of the San Benito business and social district.


The luxurious Real Intercontiental is in the center of the city, it has 3 concept restaurants and a bar, the rooms feature, design comforter, feather pillows, soundproof Windows, and high speed internet. Just a
few meters from Metrocentro, the largest shopping center in central america.

Villa Terra

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