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The small city of Perquin is located in the Morazan District, 205kms from the capital San Salvador and was widely known outside El Salvador for being a controlled territory by the opposition forces during the civil that ended in 1992.

Many of the inhabitants in Perquin and the close small villages, decided to leave their houses due to the conflicto, and some other decided to join the opposition forces and went in to the mountains. When the war was over, some of the people returned to their homes to start a new life after the civil war.

In recent times perquin has become a tourist destination visited by local and international tourism. Place like Rio Sapo and its protected área, Rio Negro, El Gigante and El Pericon mountains offer their natural and historical richness.
From Perquin the visitor can visit near places such as Cacaopera, Corinto and El

The Winter Festival in Perquin its a great time to visit, every August , many artistic and cultural activites takes place during the whole month and it is the perfect time to celebrate and conmemorate the end of the war and the new peace and tranquility era.

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Peace Route

Visiting this región in El Salvador which was the scene of many battles between the army and the guerrillas during the civil war, it is key to understand part of the salvadorean culture.
The peace route offers remains a narrative of the civil war, this war divided families and comunities troughout the country. The conflict had its center in the Morazan district, and it is in this región where the guerrilla operated their headquarters and connects several small villages that also took part on the civil war.
In this region there are also other towns that were not involved in the conflicto but their attractions make ir worth visiting, Cacaopera with its indigenous village, Corinto with prehistoric painted caves and Guatajiagua famous for its black clay made ceramics.

Museo de la Paz

This museum tells all the History of twelve years civil war, trought a collection of objects, documents, images, information, testimonials of historical moments related to the civil war.
The museum is divided in five diferents rooms destined to re create the causes that originated the war, the camps way of life, international solidarity, weapons used, peace agreements, and the famous “radio venceremos”.

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