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Enjoy this particular national park with the cerro verde o Cuntetepeque volcano, located in the department of Santa Ana, with an altitude of 2,030 metters above sea level, ideal for birdwatching, exhuberant flora and fauna, with a very extensive cloud forest.

At the cerro verde national park an orchids garden could be found with many especies to admire, also contemplate the other two volcanos which are located not so far from the park, Santa Ana volcano and Izalco Volcano, including an incredible
view of the Coatepeque lake.
From Cerro verde volcano on a clear day, even the Pacific Ocean and the port of Acajutla can be spotted. Many animal species found their refugee, 127 bird species have been registered,
among them the Torogoz, El Salvador national bird which singing is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.
The are also reptiles and amphibians and many insects and beautiful butterflies.
Produce of the rain and humidity, the rainforest provides exuberant vegetation always green, humid, an amazing place to be discovered and enjoyed.

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Santa Aana Volcano Climbing Experience

With an altitude of 2381mts above sea level, the most amazing panoramic views
can be admired.
An ideal experience to get in touch with deep nature awaits the visitor, once at the
top of the volcano a turquoise lagoon will surprise eveybody and from there the
amazing views of the pacific ocean, the Izalco volcano and the tranquility of the
Coatepeque lake will indulge your senses and make the effort of the climbing more
than worth it.

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Camping with glamour surrounded by three volcanos at the Cerro verde National Park, an incredible experience with nature without sacrificing basic amenities, a comfortable bed, hot water showers and clean bathrooms. Volcano views, the pacific ocean, flora and fauna, birdwatching, an ideal environment to enjoy relaxation and nature.


The New Casa 1800 Cerro Verde Boutique Hotel, offers incredible acomodations with all the amenities you can expect of a natural and ecological hotel, a well as a restaurant with local and international dishes.

The Cerro Verde National Park is a beautiful park that offers a pleasent temperature, natural trails shaded by the most diverse species of plants, wild flowers, orchids and trees. Many Animal species find their refugee with almost 127 bird species including the Guardabarranco which is considered one of the best five songbirds in the world.