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Located on the southeast pacific coast of Usulutan in El Salvador, Jiquilisco Bay is the country´s largest coastal estuary and was named by UNESCO Biosphere reserve in 2007. Discover the largest mangrove site in El Salvador, an area that is home to the largest number of seabirds in the country, many of them endangered species.

With almost 40 per cent of the known hawksbill nesting sites in the entire Eastern pacific, it is the place for many conservations projects where the visitors can also particpate and support local families trhu important initiatives to protect the flora and fauna of the Jiquilisco Bay.

Among the activities that are more popular to enjoy in Jiquilisco are Birdwatching, fishing, kayaking,and swimming, also the visitors will be delighted with incredilble sunsets

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Hawksbill Turtle Tour

Recent calculations estimate that the female population of hawksbill turtles is aproximately two hundred in all the pacific oriental coast and the Jiquilisco Bay is the main nesting spot for this endangered species. Learning by the hand of marine bilogists this tour will explain how turtles have been helping to maintain healthy oceans for millions of years. Actually the Hawksbill turtle is an endangered species for many reason including being the only whose shell is used to create utility and fashion pieces highly appreciated in the international market. This tour will take the visitor in a boat trip for the Jiquilisco Bay where in a safe way the Biologist will capture a Hawksbill turtle, take measurements, check the healthy status and other data that will be of importance to contribute with the many projects of conservation of this espectacular yet delicate specimen.

Cacao Tour

The Cacao tree is an endemic plant grown all over central and south America. The Cacao was cultivated by the Mayas, and was considered sacred and also known as the Gods beverage, sign of prestige and wisdom, it quickly became important in the pre-columbian economy for the región. In this tour a local Cacao expert will take the visitors through all the process of creating this world famous product known as Chocolate. Beginning with the nursery where Little cacao trees grow, then the harvest, cutting, cultivation and extraction of the cacao grains, after the cacao is harvested the process of fermentation and drying takes place, then roasted and grinded to create a first
quality product for you to enjoy a very nice cup of hot chocolate.

Kayaking in Jiquilisco Bay

Take a Kayak and explore the intrincate mangroove channels at Jiquilisco Bay as a good and healthy option with friends, family, or on your own and enjoy the incredibly views and encounters with sea birds, crocodiles and many reptile species which makes the mangroove their home. The mangroove ecosystem is full of life and fascinating beauty, get Deep into this tropical wonder incredible and different. The Jiquilisco Bay waters are clear and tranquile which allows the visitor enjoy a peaceful tour in the surroundings combining wild life, bird watching and tropical weather.

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